When I first tried You Dirty Scrub products last year I totally fell in love with them.  At the time the only products they made were the Coffee Body Scrub and the Himalayan Rock Salt Coffee Body Scrub.  This lack of diversity was the only negative in my review.  Very pleased to say since then the You Dirty Scrub crew have made some new products!  Right before Christmas (when I should have been buying presents) I bought the full collection and am happy to report it was not a let down.


The new products which have been added are different flavours (smells) of Body Scrubs and Bath Salts.  First up, I am loving the new body scrubs.  One is made with peppermint oil and the other with orange and cocoa.  I am not always a huge fan of orange smelling products in all honesty, but this scrub smells good enough to eat.  It smells exactly like a chocolate orange.  If you like chocolate orange, buy it (although maybe not as it may be hard to stop yourself from actually eating it……..)!  On top of that it has all the benefits of the plain body scrub too.  In short these are super soft skin, improved cellulite and reduce wrinkles, i.e. miracles!!


As for the Peppermint Scrub, it is just heavenly.  I love all things coffee and all things mint so this scrub is perfection.  The smell is uplifting and opens up my airways to let me breath easy.  As a result, in the morning this scrub 100% sets me up for the day, safe to say, I love it!


In addition to good coffee scrubs I also love me a good bath.  I have been a big fan of Lush bath bombs for a few years now so have not even considered buying anything else.  The full collection from You Dirty Scrub included the bath salts though and I am really glad I tried them.  There are two kinds, Mint & Eucalyptus and Orange & Rosemary.  As above, the orange was a surprise hit.  The smell is quite subtle and mixed with the rosemary is really relaxing.  In addition the salts themselves are great at making my body ache less after a hard pilates session (which incidentally in case you care, they all are!!!).  If I have a bath with them at night I notice my body really feels significantly better the next day.


The Mint & Eucalyptus Salts are again my fave though.  The smell is just amazing.  These salts in the bath with a book before bed is just the perfect end to a long day.  Whenever I have used them I come out of the bath and sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  It is highly possible they will be in every bath I ever have from now on haha!!


Basically You Dirty Scrub products have been the best I have found since moving to cruelty free products and I am so glad they have expanded the range.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!!!


Have you tried their products?  If so, let me know which are your faves in the comments!