One of the most common myths about not using products tested on animals is that it will be expensive.  This is wrong!  I have managed to find a huge range of products which are just as cheap, in fact cheaper, than anything I was using before.  I have pretty bad skin, it is sensitive, oily but prone to being dry and I get a lot of breakouts.  Due to this I was always under the impression I had to spend a lot of money on products to make it better, which I always did.  Realistically it was probably the harsh chemicals in these expensive lotions making my skin worse!  When I started using cruelty free products I tried everything, not just the expensive brands and you know what, my skin is so much better for it.  I have managed to find a perfect skincare routine that costs me about £10 a month when you break it down.


budget cruelty free skincare


What products Do You Need?

Living to a budget always requires working out what you actually need, skincare is no different.  There are so many products available which makes it easy to convince yourself you must have wrinkle removing super serums or spot zapping wonder potions, but do you really need them?  You will know yourself but broadly what you need depends on your age and skin type.  When you are young you can get away with just a cleanser and moisturiser but in your 30s, eye cream and serums will be required too.


As I always have, I cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night.  I spent a long time thinking as I had greasy skin moisturiser was a no go, but actually you just have to get a moisturiser for your skin type.  Have a look around and see what type will work for you.  When you get older as with everything else, skin turnover gets slower and collagen and elastin stop being produced.  This means your skin will need a little extra help to be at its best.  Step up serum, eye cream and a good natural facial scrub.  The molecules in a serum are smaller so can get deeper than a moisturiser and they tend to have anti aging properties in them.  Eye cream will help remove fine lines and dark circles around your eyes, which tend to age the quickest.  Finally a scrub will help to remove dull skin and encourage cell renewal.  I use my serum and eye cream every night and my scrub twice a week.


On top of these products I need I have chosen to use some other products too but they are not necessary, they are extras!  I have eye make up remover I use every night, an oil cleanser I use before my normal face cleanser to get my face extra clean and I also have a couple of facemasks which I use every couple of weeks.


Skincare Routine

It is all well and good having the right products at the right price, but if you then apply the product in the wrong order you may as well not do it at all.  The order that you apply your skincare is very important, it should be:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Serum
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturise

Wait for a couple of minutes between each stage and leave the skin for a few minutes before adding make up. Do not rub in the eye cream, just dot it under your eye and then lightly press in afterwards.  Rubbing around your eye is not good!


Best Budget Skincare Brands

As I said above I used to buy the most expensive products out there and still my skin was a mess.  Just because something is expensive it does not mean it is good.  I use a mixture of both expensive and cheap products now and my skin has never been better.  So don’t be convinced you need the expensive stuff, shop around!


The best products I have found are from Lush, Amie, Botanicals, Yes To and Aaran Aromatics.  You can even pick most of them up cheaply in TK Maxx.  The one splurge I make is on my serum, I am currently using a Dr Botanicals serum which I actually got cheaply in TK Maxx, but full price is around £90.  However White Rabbit Skincare also do a serum which is £20 and I have heard great things about it.  Just have a look around and see what is right for you and your skin.


My one final piece of advice is, wear sunscreen!  I actually have vitiligo so this is very important to me.  If I don’t ensure my skin is protected from the sun I can easily develop very obvious, permanent white marks on my skin.  This means I have always been very scared of exposure to the sun but so many of my friends do not seem to consider sunscreen.  Whether it is in your foundation or you have to add it at the end of your skincare routine, do it!  And not just on holiday, no point going to all the trouble of getting your skin to be as good as possible and then exposing it to harmful UVs!


Do you have anything to add?  What is most important to you in your skincare routine?