I love a skincare brand which is natural, doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and is vegan.  It is basically the holy grail of skincare, and the Amie range ticks all these boxes.  It has been designed for people with problem skin, either oily, prone to breakouts or dry and it certainly delivers!  There are polishes, masks, exfoliators, moisturises and face washes.  And just when you thought it could not get any better, you can buy it, cheap, in the supermarket.


Over the past couple of months I have been using the Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash.  The face wash has no soap so is gentle on my sensitive skin.  It has a nice, subtle fresh smell to it.  Not overpowering, just enough to leave my skin feeling clean.  It has a thick cream consistency and when mixed with water a small amount of the wash goes a long way.  I have been using it morning and night as it is effective for removing my make up too.


Having used it for a few weeks the facial wash has been good for my skin.  It seems to stop it from being too oily whilst not drying it out.  My skin has also been clear of spots for the majority of the time I have been using it.  In general my skin has been significantly more “calm” since I have been using it, which is a huge thing for me and my sensitive skin!


I have also been trying the Matte-Finish Moisturiser.  It is a little thinner than most I have tried recently but it is in no way oily and is quickly absorbed into my skin.  It really runs true to the name and keeps my skin matte and shine free.  I have been on the hunt for a vegan moisturiser and this has been a great addition to my daily routine.


To round up, I think Amie are great products.  The facial wash is gentle and keeps my skin clean and clear whilst not causing it to dry out.  The moisturiser keeps my skin hydrated but not oily.  To me Amie feels like a cruelty free replacement for Simple.  I am not sure if it is because the products look fairly similar, with the same shape of packaging.  Or if it is due to the actual products themselves, either way I think if you like Simple, you will like this range.


Have you tried any of the products?  What did you think?