Personally I think the sides for Christmas dinner are as important as the main meal.  In fact I spent so many years forgetting to make my dinner whilst faffing around cooking for everyone else that the sides were my dinner!  If you read my Christmas meal prep post then you will know for Christmas I do all the par boiling the night before.  I have included this par boiling time below so if you want to do the same as me, get your veg chopped and then par boiled ready to be finished off on Christmas day.  This saves a load of hassle, I would much rather be enjoying it with my family and friends.  Each of the recipes is also really easy to make with minimal prep time, although they do take about 45 mins to cook.


With all the recipes below I recommend buying the veg from your local farm shop.  The difference in flavour is massive.  A lot of people think that means huge price differences but it is not the case.  I actually find when I buy the quantities I actually need from the farm there is far less waste and in the first place the produce is cheaper.   So if you can, definitely go to a farm shop or market!


Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and bacon


brussels sprouts


I love brussels sprouts but while most of my family don’t, this still manages to please them at the dinner table!

Chop off the end of each sprout, peel the top layer off and then chop in half

Par boil the brussels sprouts for 5-10 minutes

Add the brussels sprouts, chestnuts, bacon and vegetable stock to a frying pan and leave to simmer for 10-15 minutes (or longer over a lower heat but make sure you watch it to ensure no burning if the stock burns off)


Roasted Veg

I always make a huge batch of roasted veg on Christmas day and then let whoever is around eat the leftovers for the next few days, so with this one, more is more!

I chop the veg into batons, about the size of a thick cut chip

Par boil the veg for 5-10 minutes

Coat vegetables with oil and agave nectar or maple syrup (I just drizzle both over and then rub in)

Put in the oven at 190-200 degrees for 45 minutes, but do check to make sure they don’t burn!  The thinner you chop them the quicker they burn!


Roast Potatoes




A well made roast tattie is one of my fave foods in the world!

I leave on the skin and just chop them in half or fours depending on the size of the potatoes

Par boil for 15 minutes

When you drain them make sure to bash them about a little, this makes them better for roasting, trust me!

Coat with olive oil and any herbs or spices you want (we normally use a squeeze of lemon, a crushed clove of garlic and some oregano)

Put in the oven at 190 -200 degrees for 45 minutes (with the veg!)


Served up with a hearty vegan main meal this is the prefect Christmas dinner for me!  What do you normally make for the sides?