Winter has actually arrived, for the first time in about 3 years!!  There has been frost on the streets and I have even had to scrape the ice off my car!  It is not that I like this chore, just that it means the world is a frosty wonderland!  Winter has always been my favourite season, perhaps as I was born in it (January child).  Nothing in the world makes me happier than getting out on a really cold, frosty morning for a long walk with my dogs, wrapped up to keep warm.  And with a new season, I have a new brand update!  I have had a fair few companies come back to me this month, including some new cleaning products to try, I do lead an exciting life!!!!


Cruelty Free

Amie – vegan

Bio D – vegan

Dahliana Skincare

Ecoleaf – vegan



Organyc – vegan

Tints of Nature




Cruelty Free but owned by a company who test

Too Faced (Estee Lauder)


Test on Animals



If you know of any other cruelty free brands, or want me to find out about a company please comment below, send me and email or head over to Facebook to ask me there.  I want this list to be as long as it can be!!