Botanicals was set up in 2004 by Wendy Stirling after her daughter had reactions to “herbal” shampoo.  After stuggling to find something with less chemicals in it she went about making her all natural and vegan range.  As I have very sensitive skin I have been wanting to try Botanicals products for a while so I was delighted when I was contacted by them to try one.  I was really keen to try something different to what I normally use so chose to try their Gentle Cleanse Melt.  A facial cleanser which, you guessed it, melts when you put it on your skin.


Botanicals Gentle Cleanse Melt

The cleanse melt is oil based, which to be honest would have normally put me off!  The thought of putting something oily on your oily skin feels very odd!  But in the interest of doing something different I went for it.  I am so glad I did as I have not been disappointed!


It melts on your face as you use it making it very easy to rub into your skin.  As I am getting older I am becoming more conscious of rubbing at my skin with harsh products for fear of more wrinkles, but this just passes over the skin so gently it is not pulling anything.  (It can also be used to remove eye make up in the same manner, where the skin is extra sensitive and wrinkle prone, I didn’t need to do any harsh rubbing, just a few gentle wipes and off it came.)  Once rubbed into the skin the melt is removed with a hot face cloth or with a muslin cloth that can be bought from the Botanials website.  Using this hot cloth allows the pores to open and even more impurities to come out.  The melt leaves my skin feeling very clean and has a really nice, fresh smell.


After a few uses, the dry skin which I have been struggling with was gone.  I have also had a lot of breakouts recently which in the first week of using this melt were a bit worse, but this is to be expected as the impurities are pulled out.  After the week was done my skin had a whole new glow to it.  Now my skin is more mousiturised but with no excess oil (as was my fear!) and the breakouts have all but gone.  I am really loving this melt.


Also, I don’t know about others but sometimes at night when I wash my face it wakes me up, very annoying before trying to sleep.  However, the mixture of the melt having an almost soothing smell and the process of rubbing it into my skin did quite the opposite.  Then using the warm muslin cloth just adds to making you feel that bit more sleepy.  This is the perfect bedtime face wash for me!


I highly recommend you give some Botanicals products a try.  I have been very impressed with how good they have been for my skin.  The melt has had a number of advantages to it which I never expected so I am very happy I got the chance to try this product.  I will definitely be trying some more products from Botanicals in the near future.


Has anyone else tried them?  What did you think?