I first came across Sara Hill make up when I was in a local shop discussing cruelty free products and they mentioned the brand.  As I try my best to buy from small local brands my interest was immediately peaked when I was told Sara Hill is based in Glasgow.  The range is new having only been developed in 2015 but the Sara Hill behind the brand has been in the industry for over 17 years.  She also has a number of industry awards under her belt so I knew I was in safe hands before I even tried anything.


As I am always on the look out for the perfect foundation I decided the first thing I should try from the range was exactly that.  But the range is far more than just this, there is even a glitter section on the website, what more could you possibly need!  So while there are the staple foundations there are also lipsticks and eyeshadows in bright, fun colours making it stand out from all the others I see in the shops.  From what I read online in blogs the range also has a bit of a cult following, often being listed as a cruelty free alternative to MAC.  I really hope to try some more of the products soon (anyone looking for Christmas presents for me, hint, hint!!) but for now am just going to give a review on what I have tried, the Velvet Sheer Foundation and Primer.


img_4132(please forgive the bottle, the writing rubbed off after just a couple of days!!)


Sara Hill Velvet Sheer Foundation

I went for the Velvet Sheer Foundation as it has no oil in it, making it ideal for those of us with oily skin.  My skin is very sensitive too and I have had no adverse reaction to this foundation at all.  I obviously can’t speak for everyone with sensitive skin, but I would recommend if you fall in this category to give it a go!


When I first contacted Sara Hill they were good enough to send me samples so I could choose which colour I needed.  Unlike many ranges, there are options, note the plural, for us pale people.  Two of the colours seemed to suit my skin quite well but in the end I opted for the Porcelain.  The foundation is a great consistency and can easily be layered.  It is a little bit thicker than other foundations I have used but does not feel or look “caked”.  The other good thing is because it is a bit thicker a little bit goes a long way.  At first I thought the £28 for a relatively small bottle was steep but so far it has lasted me 4 months with every day wear.  So really it is a bit of a bargain!


The foundation goes on with no streaks and the velvet finish makes it look more natural.  The coverage is fantastic, I find I only need one layer of foundation to cover most of my imperfections.  It also has real holding power!  In Florida my foundation did not budge despite the constant rain which I was extremely impressed with, although this may also be to do with the fantastic primer….


The one down side is it has no SPF so make sure you put some on underneath!




Sara Hill Primer

I didn’t really think it was possible to get excited by a primer, yet somehow I am!  I really like the tube it comes in to start as it seems to have a great nack of only giving me exactly the right amount of primer each time I use it.  This is normally a challenge I loose, ending up putting more primer on my towel when I wipe it off my hands than on my face!  It has a nice thick, luxurious consistency as well so I can’t help but feel I am giving my skin a treat each time it goes on.  It allows the foundation to go on perfectly on top for a super smooth and natural finish.  I am a very big fan of this product!


The website also says it can be worn alone without foundation, but as I do have horrid skin this would not really do much for me!  But give it a try if you like something a bit more minimalist!


I am genuinely impressed with the level of service from Sara Hill and am in love with the products.  Regardless of if those hints above work, I will be getting some lipstick and eyeshadows to try before the year is out so I will let you know what I think.  Based on the foundation and primer though I reckon I could happily say you will not regret trying any of the range!


Have you tried any of it?  If so let me know what you think!