I am very lazy when it comes to my make up, I wear foundation, mascara and eye liner but until recently I never gave how to apply it a second thought.  A couple of years ago I got really sick of always being super shiny in photos when no one else ever was.  So before a night out I decided to learn how to apply foundation and looked on You Tube (as an acquaintance had suggested she had done as a non girlie girl!!).  I was actually quite blown away by how much information there is out there.  Who knew make up was such a big thing!  It made me realise the people who still have make up on at the end of the night, rather than being a big shiny mess, are not blessed with better skin, they know the tricks!!


Turns out with just a few simple things you too can look a million times more polished!  Obviously I am nothing even close to being a make up expert but I thought the other lazy or non girlie girls out there may appreciate a wee post on this!  Essentially I think it comes down to four things…..



This is the must do when it comes to having a perfect complexion.  I have no idea how I reached the age of 30 before I heard of such a thing as primer.  Primer is the base you put on before your foundation, it smoothes out fine lines and will make your foundation stay in place for the entire day.  I can even go out in the rain and still have my foundation on all due to having put on primer before my foundation.  If you take nothing else from this post, please take this!  If you have the money I highly recommend Sara Hill Primer it feels luxurious and is the best base I have found, however Barry M is a good second and is cheap and easy to buy.


I used to just quickly apply a layer of foundation over my whole face in a few seconds flat, then I realised I should be layering my foundation.  For those thinking, yeah but I don’t want to be caked, you won’t be you just have to apply a couple of thin layers where needed.  I start with a thin layer over my whole face.  I then add an extra layer where it is required, for me this is normally just on the nose, cheeks and where I have any breakouts.  Be sure to blend it in well.

There is great debate online as to whether you should use a sponge, brush or your fingers.  I am lazy, I use my fingers!  Just make sure you wash your hands before you start and all will be fine!  Again if you have the money look no further than Sara Hill Foundation, between that and the primer my foundation does not move!  A cheaper option would be Gosh Foundation Drops which are built for layering, they are very thin so are ideal.


What a difference shaping your eyebrows makes, they really do frame your face.  When I started shaping them I went to the shop and bought what I thought was the best option, an eyebrow pencil.  I used this for a long time but then I found an eyebrow shaping kit.  It is so much better than a pencil to create full neat eyebrows.  The tools allow you to create a good shape which a pencil just doesn’t.  I have been using the Barry M Brow Kit and love it, cheap and lasts all day.



Wear it, don’t think I need to say much more!  There are so many options out there it is hard to pick just one but I do love my Lily Lolo blushers but watch out as they are not all vegan.


I am genuinely amazed at the difference these four small changes make.  Sure, my morning make up routine has changed from being a 5 minute process to about a 10 minute process but those extra minutes are very much time well spent.

Do you have any must know make up tips?  Share them below if you do!