When I finished my studies I was sure I would have all the time in the world to do things, including this blog.  Apparently not though I have been even worse, oops!  I have, however, had an awesome summer and really wanted to give you all a wee update of what has been going on with me lately, if you care, haha!  Also wanted to give you the heads up I have loads of new reviews planned for the blog and with how successful and helpful people have found my skincare and make up swaps posts I will be doing more of these too, so watch this space.  But anyhoo, on to my wee round up of life lately….



I have been trying loads of new products the best by far being my Sara Hill make up, I will be swooning over that in a post soon!  Also how cute are these Spectrum brushes from my TVK box!



Tasty new vegan treats from Edinburgh’s vegan festival in August an Ananda’s Round Up! I tried many more things but ate them all before I got a photo!



Holidays in Disney, how cool are the Halloween decorations….. (although, full disclosure, it mostly rained, first tornado since 2005 while we were there!!)



And finally, due to the above mentioned Tornado we got a Monday funday in New York and ate lots of awesome vegan food.  Not a huge fan of New York but could def be convinced to go back for the food!!!  Meatball sub in By Chloe, so amazing!