I get asked for a lot of advice from people on being cruelty free or vegan and a common problem for many people seems to be travel.  A lot of people tell me it was all going so well until, “my case got lost and I had to buy such and such shampoo” or “I was starving and couldn’t find anywhere vegan” (and I am a total been there, ended up watching Paul eat a Chinese while I had a bland salad).  But travelling cruelty free should not be a chore, the key to making your life simple and not having to compromise on your beliefs is prep, prep, prep!!  So I decided it may be helpful for people if I did a post on my top tips for travelling cruelty free/ vegan.


Pack well in advance

So many cruelty free products sadly do involve having to order online or making a trip to get them.  If you are someone who likes to pack the night before you may realise you have run out of shampoo and have no where to buy it but the airport, this means buying a product tested on animals.  However, if you pack your toiletries at least 2 weeks ahead (I know it seems extreme but online orders can take time!!) you will know with plenty time to spare if you need to order something.


Put small tubs of toiletries in your carry on

We have all had our suitcase go missing on us at some point, sometimes this is just a mere nuisance, others it results in full blown teary meltdowns (like the time I had my football shirt in my suitcase and we were in Munich and I very nearly couldn’t support my team, trivial but I was so upset, made worse by my father when I called him in tears and he said to me I told you so, but I digress!!!!).  When you are cruelty free it can be a serious nightmare.  It can be hard enough to find a cruelty free shop in your home city, let alone a foreign one where you don’t speak the language.  So always, always pack the absolute cant do withouts in your carry on.  For me this is my face wash, moisturiser, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, foundation, deodorant and mascara.  Sounds like a long list but I decant most into little tubs and put a full size in the suitcase if it is a longer holiday.


Look up cruelty free shops where you are going

If you fail to listen to point 1 or 2, please listen to point 3.  Look online before you go and write down the name and address of any cruelty free shops you can find.  If the worst comes to the worst you know where you can go!


Look up restaurants in advance

Likewise find restaurants which serve vegan food in advance.  I think we all look up restaurants and menus when we book a holiday just to get in the mood before going, or maybe that’s just me…., but then we rarely (read never) actually make notes of the names, where they are and their opening hours.  If you do this prep work at home you can always have somewhere to go for dinner!


Pack some treats

Walking around all day in a place you don’t know can be tiring and sometimes even overwhelming so the last thing you want to think about is where you can get a quick snack while you explore.  For this reason I always pack a load of airport/plane safe food I can eat.  I tend to pack Nakd bars, Vego chocolate and Good Stuff sweets.


I am sure there are loads more tips but for me these are the most important!  I need to get starting on my list for my holiday in 17 sleeps, eeep!!!!