July has been a pretty good month in this cruelty free house.  The highlight was an awesome holiday up to the tippy-top of Scotland a couple of weeks ago to do the North Coast 500.  For those who have not heard of it this is the route all along the top coast of Scotland which has been re-branded as a 500 mile road trip.  The scenery was just to die for, I have never ever been anywhere more beautiful.  I am ashamed I have never been that far up North in Scotland before, and for others who are in the same boat, go, you will not regret it!  Oh and the weather was amazing, I lived in shorts and t-shirts!  The day we went to John O’Groats it was 26 degrees there was a sign saying normal July temperature is 13, so I think we lucked out!  i must say though even if the weather is not on your side the scenery up there looks just as good on a moody dreich day as it does in the sun, in some instances, better!


I was pretty shocked to find eating vegan was pretty easy up there.  I know it is very remote in places so worried I may not manage to eat anywhere, but I was wrong.  I was also amazed to find options actually marked as vegan in some places too!  The best meal I had was hands down a tofu and noodle salad at the Kylesku Hotel in Kylesku.  We even sat outside and ate, huge novelty in the North of Scotland.  I got speaking to who I think was the manager and he said that night they normally always have a vegan dessert option too, although my luck was out that night.  He has a couple of allergies so tries his best to make sure all diets are catered for, which really showed.  The food was fab, great service and incredible view.  I would 100% recommend this place.




I also drank my fair share of coffee, this is just one of those coffee stops, again with a view and a seat outside.  Every single place we went had soya milk which was unexpected!




Another eatery worth a mention was Weavers cafe which is just beside Tongue.  The coffee was good, the soup was amazing and the view was just stunning!




A better pic of the view…..




I really recommend to anyone who has not been to head up there.  There is something for everyone, plenty of hills to climb, stunning beaches where often you are the only person to be seen and beautiful walks just off the road pretty much anywhere you stop.  My fave was a walk to the bone caves.  As it is Scotland there are also loads of castles to visit from ruined castles such as Castle Sinclair at Noss Head to Castle Mey just a bit further along the road which was the Queen Mothers holiday home.  I could probably go on about my trip for another 100 paragraphs, so rather than bore you all to tears I will just leave you with some more of my fave pics of the trip.





Scotland moody sky

Scottish scenery

Scotland view

Bone caves me

Beach at Duncansby Head

John o'Groats
Dunnet beach


V Castle