May has been totally fabby in this cruelty free house, helped in main by the sunshine!  Every weekend this month has been nice, this never happens!  Well apart from one day we went out and got caught in a random torrential downpour which stopped exactly as we got to the front door but hey ho…….


So this month I have mostly been going on loads of adventures with my pups, having BBQs, I hosted a Baby shower for one of my best friends and as always have been trying new vegan and cruelty free products…….


deep steep and PHB

I got some new eye gel and body lotion and can safely say I am in love with Deep Steep Body Lotion.  It is still early days for the eye gel!


Garden baby shower

I hosted an Afternoon Tea Party for one of my best friends before her first baby arrives.  We were so lucky to have the sun come out so we could all chill out in the garden.


Green People sun tan lotion

And speaking of chilling in the garden, I finally got to try the Green People Sun Lotion I bought ages ago.  It is great, didn’t bother my skin or cause me breakouts like others have.


Vegan marshmallows

I got a load of marshmallows delivered from the US, they are awesome, they melt over the BBQ just like real marshmallows.  To anyone who has been veggie/vegan for long that is pretty exciting!



I also tried some new chocolate and my god was it good!



and finally I got to go on lots of new adventures with my girls.


I hope you all had as good a month to me and here is hoping we get more sun next month!!