One of my friends first put me on to PitROK, as after trying loads of different brands this was the only one which worked for her partner.  As I always do I got in touch with them to see if they were actually cruelty free and they were kind enough to send me over some deodorant to try.  They sent me the PitROK Roll on for Women and at the same time I actually went out and bought the PitROK Natural Spray Deodorant.


PitROK Deoderant



What I love about PitROK is the deodorants all have no nasties, this means no parabens, SLS or silicone.  There is no underestimating how important this is.  These days people use super strong deodorant which does god knows what to you while stopping you from letting any sweat out.  There is information popping up online at the moment which is linking it to various illnesses, google it yourself if you want to find out more!  But back to PitROK…..


I really wanted to be able to say I loved their deodorant, but honestly it is a mixed bag.  The Roll On deodorant did me really well until it started to get a bit warmer and then I started to notice that horrible stale smell by early afternoon.  The worst thing was it seemed to set right in, so even putting another roll of the deodorant on did not solve the problem, the horrid smell lingered.  The plus is it does not sting when I put it on straight after shaving!  I have seen other people online who rate this deodorant but sadly it is just not for me.


However, total other end of the spectrum and we have the Natural Deodorant Spray.  It is odd when you start using it as it is a spray which is not something I have used before.  Annoyingly it rolls down your arm when you spray it on, so putting it on before you have any clothes on is an absolute must!  As for actual ability as a deodorant.  I really like it, it lasts me pretty much all day the only time I have had to reapply is when I have gone on to a night out.  However, I would have done this previously with my old deodorant.  I have tested it out at the gym and on a run and it holds up well.  All in all, I am pretty happy with it.  I will definitely use this one in future.


Have you tried PitROK?  What did you think?