Another themed wish list from me!  As it is coming close to summer it means only one thing, weddings!  I have never been the most girly of girls so I tend to just grab something from my wardrobe to wear rather than ever give it any thought.  However, I know for lots of people it can be very daunting and for some can send them in to a state of sheer panic.  But worry not, I have put together a list of the best dresses and accessories out there for a summer wedding and to be fair for most you could just chuck on a wrap and call them winter dresses too!  Obviously they are all 100% cruelty free, all fabrics are vegan.


Wish list May 2016


1. This is a typical summer floral dress but with a slight difference with the black stripe detail and only £48. Buy it here


2. A slightly more plain dress but it has a cute flare.  I will be buying this one for the wedding I have to attend this year.  Totally reasonable at £55, buy it here


3. I love how bright this dress is, I am the girl who always wears black, but actually quite love this.  A bit more expensive at £85 but sure looks worth it! Buy it here


4. I had to include one black dress and you can’t beat a classic!  Not everyone’s style, but I love!!  And only £30 and I read from other blogs that their products are good quality for the price…… buy it here


5. Something a bit different for shoes, but I think they will add a fab pop to one of the more plain dresses.  Buy them here


6. And you cant ever go wrong with some black stilettos, love!  Buy them here for £99


7. Finally the La Bante Joel  bag, so super cute. Buy it here for £45


Hope this gives you a bit of inspiration!