Who said that going cruelty free has to cost the Earth??  If you are one of the people out there thinking “I just can’t afford to buy cruelty free brands”, think again!  Today my post is all about the brands out there which are cheap and easy to get your hands on.  Unless highlighted everything in the list below is either available in the supermarket or on the high street, easy!

Barry M

When you are thinking affordable and cruelty free top of the list has to be Barry M.  I must admit some of the products have been a let down for me, but they are products which I would choose to buy from a high end brand anyway.  Most of the products are vegan too, just check for the vegan symbol to be sure!  Barry M has a full make up range but my personal faves are the Showgirl Mascara and any of the nail varnishes (it is highly possible I have them all….).



Bulldog is a great budget brand for men.  All the products are vegan and they have a big range of skincare.  I would think most men could kit themselves out with cruelty free products entirely from this range and it won’t cost anything more than what they currently pay.  In fact it may be less…….


Co-op own brand

They have so many different products, Co-op is a one stop shop for all the ‘other’ things you need.  By ‘other’ I mean the un-glamorous things required for every day living.  Toothbrushes and toothpaste, washing up liquid and toilet cleaner, paracetamol and ibuprofen.  Essentially all the products you absolutely need but are never going to get excited about.  Everything I have tried so far is totally fine I would happily use anything from the Co-ops own brand.

Deep Steep

Deep Steep are not really a cheap brand or easy to find in a shop but there is always  a couple of their products available in TK Maxx for around a fiver.  I think we all have a TK Maxx near by and really who cares if your scent is slightly out of season, its a scent!!!!  I am currently in love with the moisturizers with Guava they smell divine!

Eden Perfumes

£15 a bottle, I don’t think I need to say any more!  Significantly cheaper than any other perfume I would be buying and you can buy a copycat of most of the popular brands out there.



Gosh are on the expensive end of cheap but are still perfectly affordable.  For me, the quality of their products puts them right up there with high end options, but nowhere near the price so 100% worth it.  I love the mascara and Foundation Drops are a great light foundation for me.


Lily Lolo

Again they are perhaps on the expensive end of cheap, but the products are high quality and last.  The only downside for me is they have to be bought online.  But then it is nice to get some parcels in the post every now and then!  The best products I have tried have been the mascara and blusher and I am looking forward to trying more in the near future.



Lush make loads of different products, some of which are expensive but others are really good prices.  The shampoos and conditioners are great for people trying to shop on a budget as they are long lasting.  The skincare is also pretty good value.  One of my favourite things about Lush is for skincare etc you can try before you buy, they are more than happy to break a wee bit of something off for you to try for a week, which for people with sensitive skin is amazing!  My personal faves from their range is Dark Angels face cleanser and pretty much all the bathbombs.


Organic Surge

Again, like Deep Steep, Organic Surge are more expensive but there is always something from their range in TK Maxx on the cheap!  I have tried and loved the hot cloth face cleanser and the shampoo and conditioners.  If you see them I totally recommend giving them a try.


Another thing to highlight here is your parent company stance.  If you want to shop cruelty free and are happy to buy from a brand with a parent company who test this opens the options up again. E.L.F. is a great budget make up brand and both Superdrug and the Body Shop have a full range of skin care and make up.


Whatever your views there are loads of options above so happy shopping!