For some reason it took me a while to get round to finding myself some new cruelty free razors.  I really don’t know why but I much prefer to see something and buy it rather than buying online, so it took me an age to really research this.  Helped by the fact I buy in bulk so had enough razor blades to last me a year haha!!  When I finally started looking into it, Preserve kept coming up and I can see why.  Preserve are all about products which are recycled.  Everything they sell is recycled and the last tab on their website is about buying their products, the first ones are all on recycling.  I ordered my first Preserve Triple Razor at the start of this year to give it a try.


peserve Razor


As this product is recycled it feels a little different to those you would be used to.  It feels a bit cheaper and a little bit flimsier, but this is just a difference, not a negative!  When I first put a blade on it seemed to pop off quite easily, but now I am used to not being as rough with it, there are no issues.  The shave is close and I would genuinely say it is better than the best on the market I would have used before.  I find my legs feel smoother for longer and I am not having to shave as often.


Another thing to note is this is a unisex razor, mine is a very dull orange so would not look out of place in anyone’s shower!  I would have got my husband to try it to review for all the men out there but he currently has a beard any hipster would be proud of so that was not an option.  If he ever shaves, I will be sure to make him give it a try!


I have had a look on the Preserve website and they have a few different products so I would like to give some others a go in the coming months.  And excitingly (yes my life is that dull…) if you live in America another thing they do which I think is great is a subscription for blades and toothbrushes. You just set it to send you the number you want in the frequency you want.  For lazy people like me this is amazing, I could just have my blades and toothbrushes delivered quarterly and think nothing more of it.  Annoyingly this service is only for the US at the moment, but hopefully it will become world wide.  If only every cruelty free company did this!!!


Has anyone else tried Preserve Razors or products?  Would be keen to know what others think.