Fairypants is a fully vegan and cruelty free company based here in the UK and all the products are handmade and served up in cute little packaging, which is just one of the reasons I love them.  I first heard of them when I got one of their lipbalms in my TVK box at the end of last year.  Then was super happy to get one of their perfumes as a present from my husband a few months later.


Fairy Pants Vegan Perfume and Vegan Lipbalm


The lipbalm has a lovely sweet smell but not overly sweet and does its job well.  It leaves my lips lovely and smooth.  It is really soft and quite different to other lipbalms I have used, but I like it for that as it reminds me that it is homemade and not full of chemicals.  The only thing is because it is so soft, there is the tendency to take way too much at a time.  I could run out of this very quickly!  And on top of that all the lipbalms are based on either a food or drink so you also have to try to stop yourself from just straight up eating it, unless that’s just me……


The real gem though is the perfume.  Paul got me the Apple Crumble scent and it is amazing!  At first I have to admit, I was very sceptical.  I thought it would be far too sweet to wear and in all honesty, a bit childish.  But, I was very pleasantly surprised!  The smell is just the perfect amount of sweet, and when I wear it I smell good enough to eat, literally!  It smells exactly like apple crumble, yet somehow manages to still be grown up!  I kind of love it!


Then there is the bottle it comes in, I just love the cute little blue bottle, it looks like something from a bygone era.  It looks amazing on the tray at my dressing table!  However it is also quite practical, the pipette allows you to either just rub a small amount on for a more subtle smell, or to put on a few drops.  Although I generally go for the few drops and then spend all day  loving the perfume!


I am looking forward to getting some more products from Fairypants, they also have a fair few bits of make up so I think I will be trying me some of them next!  If you have not tried the products yet I suggest you give them a go, I am pretty certain you will not be disappointed!