Towards the end of last year I kept hearing of a company called deep steep and was really looking forward to finding their products and giving them a go.  To my surprise, when I was shopping in TK Maxx recently they had some in stock.  I decided to buy a body wash and shampoo, trying to rein myself in a bit!!!  I buy so many different products to try and buying one more body wash seemed totally unnecessary but hey I have to treat myself!  And the smell of this one was just to divine to give up, like seriously, if I could wear it as perfume I would!


deep steep body wash


I am seriously out of season as it is blatantly a Christmas flavour (Sugar Candy Apple), but I do not care, it is awesome any time to me.  The body wash has Argan oil in it and I often find that oils can be very greasy and leave a bit of a film behind in the shower and on your skin but this does not do that.  When I come out of the shower my skin is super soft and feels fantastic.  I am really loving having this in my morning shower, I will be pretty disappointed when the bottle comes to an end…..


deep steep shampoo


The other purchase was a big tub of shampoo.  I have to admit the jury is out on this one.  I really struggle with shampoo as my hair is quite greasy.  That means it is no surprise to me I am pretty indifferent to this one.  I will continue to use it for a few weeks and see what happens, but for now I do not think this will be a re-purchase!


But I am really quite impressed with the deep steep body wash and look forward to trying some more of the products.  And they are easy to pick up in TK Maxx and always at a decent price.  What’s not to love!


Has anyone else tried them?  What do you think??