Ok so lets just pretend it is still March, I had this ready to go last night but went out to see Trivium and had too much to drink and forgot all about posting this, oooops!  So please humour me, its still March…..  We had a super busy March with our holiday in Venice, getting the garden redone and finishing the decorating in the house.  We are still not quite there with the house but it is so so so close!  Next month I will def be showing you how awesome my house is now, bet you can’t wait!  But back to this month……..my round up for what I have been loving in March!


Booja Booja

Booja Booja Truffles

Seriously where have these been all my life!!!  They are pretty much the yummiest truffles in the history of the world ever.  They are also the most expensive ever, but meh, I will still be buying them!  Even my husband who hates all things vegan agrees they are awesome!


Nutcrafter Cheese

This month I had actual real life biscuits and cheese.  Like actually real, not even pretending, it tasted as good as dairy cheese!  It was awesome and I am officially in love with Nutcrafter Cheese.  Again there is no denying it is expensive, but so so worth it!  I love “The Ancient” the most although all the different flavours I tried were pretty damn good.


Balanced Lifestyles

Finally a company to go to for a massage which do not use products tested on animals!!!  I went along last week for a massage and facial.  It was so long overdue and utterly amazing.  So much so I fell asleep during my facial and jumped a mile when she touched my face again after a minute of leaving me, haha!  It was just so nice to unwind.  The only problem, it is not in a “spa” so no pool or sauna to do the relaxing day thing, but still awesome!




PitROK Deoderant

I have to admit, it took me a little while to get used to this deoderant, but having used it for a few weeks now I am really liking it!  Moving from a harsh deodorant to a vegan one with no nasties is always a good thing!  I will  be blogging about this more in future, watch this space…


Barry M Gelly

Barry M

They have some really cute pastel coloured nail varnishes this season and I am loving them!  I am a serial head to toe in black kind of girl and so these colours make me feel a bit more girly and sunshiney (totally a word yeah…).  And it is always a bonus that they can be bought in high street shops and supermarkets!


What products have you been loving this month??