There are so many companies out there who test on animals to sell in China, are owned by a big corporation who test on animals or who use palm oil in their products.  And there is no denying this makes life hard and each day I learn a new thing I now can’t use, but it is something I believe very strongly in and so the hassle is very much worth it for me.  Obviously I have this blog and so do a lot of research into different companies and I know for a lot of people doing that can be very daunting or something they just simply don’t have the time to do.  So I have been trying to find what I think is a nice easy way for people to go cruelty free and I feel like I am starting to find a bit of a common occurrence……… local!


It’s not definitive, but as my cruelty free list grows this one thing stands out.  Buy from your small local companies.  It’s so simple!  For me this is absolutely win, win.  I firmly believe in supporting local, in my house we buy our veg direct from the farm down the road, bread from the local baker, we frequent our local market for other things and when it comes to presents I buy as much as I can from the small places around me or on Etsy.  We do go to supermarkets, but only to top up what we cant get elsewhere.  But back to the point.


All over the UK we have small companies popping up making their own products or selling at markets.  Go over and ask them what their stance is, you will more often than not be pleasantly surprised!  They also hardly ever contain palm oil!  Some of my fave products since starting this journey are from small businesses, Eden Perfumes, White Rabbit Skincare, Bloom Remedies to name a few.  Not only are they cruelty free but often this sort of business will be using high quality ingredients, not contain parabens or other nasties and are often vegan.


As more people are moving away from shopping in huge supermarkets they are moving back to buying at markets and from small businesses.  This change will only increase the number of small companies out there.  Although personally I am already seeing new small companies starting out all over the place and I am sure Edinburgh is not the only place where this is happening!  Food wise I have seen Grams cakes, Sgaia Mheat and Nutcrafter all set up and they have ques of people waiting to buy their products at the markets where they sell.


I think if I were to give anyone some quick advice on how to go cruelty free, I will now be telling them to buy in markets or from small local suppliers.  This is by no means a guarantee that the products are cruelty free, but you just have to ask!  The bonus is as the seller of the product is likely also the maker, they can answer the question right there and then.


Do you have a better tip for shopping cruelty free??