Not like my usual posts, just a quick one to show you five things which have made me smile in the last few days.  So this is my week in pictures……


Easter 1Puppy 3MasjaBathGarden


I had a group of my best friends come stay for a good old fashioned sleepover the other night.  As you can see, they came with lots of vegan treats for me, what a bunch of superstars!  I also had a puppy play date, my friend came over with her big husky and little pup and she is such a mischievous wee thing!  It was total love at first sight!  This sleepover and play date then resulted in two very tired huskies, the middle picture is Masja, zonked!!  My husband has been away all week so I have been on sole dog walking duties, which gets pretty tiring so it was awesome to get into a gorgeous bath courtesy of The Experimenter bath bomb from Lush.  Finally I got my garden redone, it now has astroturf.  No more muddy mess in the back garden!!!  Still to be finished, but loving it!


Anyone else been up to anything fun in the last week?