I could probably gush over products from Sgaia Foods all day.  As a veggie I was always highly reliant on “meat” substitutes but when I turned vegan the first few things I tried were such a let down.  The consistency just wasn’t right for me and they were all just a bit strange tasting.  But then I tried Sgaia steaks and was totally blown away.  They are awesome, fact!!!!





I recently subscribed to their monthly box and get their steaks delivered straight to my house once a month, which is just so convenient, I wish all my fave vegan places did this!  The only problem with this is they only do the steaks but they have so much more!  Hopefully the other products will follow in the monthly box some day soon, please……..


Anyhoo, as I said I could gush all day, but am only going to review 3 products today, my 3 faves.


Original Mheat Steak

This is great because it is the most versatile to cook with.  I have had it as an actual steak with chips and mushrooms and creamy sauce, chopped up and put through my stirfrys, fajitas and pasta and I have also had it thrown in a bun as a burger.  I can confirm it tasted awesome in all of these ways.  It has a nice consistency which means it adds that extra bit to any meal, if that makes sense!


Streaky Rashers

Love them, they are nice thick pieces and have an amazing smokey taste.  They are perfect in a fry up or in a roll.  These are by far the best vegan/ veggie “bacon” I have ever tried.  I totally recommend them as a Saturday or Sunday morning treat!!!  Can’t wait to get some more ordered up!


Hot Chilli Mheat Steak

A bit similar to the above as it is basically just the same thing with seasoning, but it tastes amazing!  If you can’t be bothered to cook tea this is your friend!  All you have to do is fry it then chop it up and add to a salad, wrap, cous cous.  Basically in anything.  Having that seasoning means it can spice up anything with serious minimum effort, but it is fairly spicy, be warned.  I am kind of addicted!


Has anyone else tried Sgaia products?  What is your fave?





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