I really like this company, what they stand for is right up my street.  While you all know I am vegan and cruelty free I also like to buy local and handmade products where possible.  The Laurel & Cedar monthly subscription box does all this in a nice neat package for you each month!  This is what makes them different to all the other subscription boxes I have heard of, they buy only from small companies, not the big ones.  I am not against buying from the big ones, it is just so much nicer to know something was handmade!


The box itself is £18 a month with a rolling contract.  You can pay for 3 or 6 months up front to get a slight discount, but for me paying monthly is the best option.  In the box there can be a selection of jewellery, bath/body products, stationary, candles or food.  This is another thing I quite like about it, it has a bit of everything!


My first box arrived at the end of last month.  The box was wrapped in brown paper with a string tie, for some reason I just loved how cute and rustic this made it!  Then inside the box was filled with individually wrapped parcels, it was like Christmas having 6 little parcels to unwrap, I know I need to get out more!


So what was in it, my first Laurel & Cedar box, February 2016:




Chamomile & Carrot Seed Eye Cream from White Rabbit Skincare

I have tried a few of their products now so can’t wait to give this a try!

Butterbeer Melts from Maple & Whisky Candle Co

These just smell so good I could eat them!

Parks & Recreation Magnets from The Square Penguin

We totally scratched our heads with these magnets as we have never seen the programme!!  That aside they would be cute for anyone who did, you can’t please everyone!

Pyramid Teabags from Rosielea Tea

These look and smell yummy!

Reusable Makeup Pads from Handmade Haven

I was actually about to buy another pack of these so I had enough to last me while one set was in the wash, so this was a very welcome addition!

Quote Postcard from The Literary Emporium

I really liked this, super cute and it is now up on my pin board at my desk to make me smile when I get sick of assignments!


I think I am really going to like this box of goodies each month the first one certainly did not disappoint!  Looking forward to the next one already.


Does anyone else subscribe?  What do you think of it?





Buy it here: Laurel & Cedar