I am off to Venice tomorrow!!!  I am beyond excited to have a few days off work and to get on a plane.  I have not been anywhere since last March when we went to Rome!!  It is only a long weekend but I just am so in need of the break and it sounds awful, but a couple of long lies where I don’t have to get up and walk the dogs first thing.  I absolutely adore my girls but sometimes you just need to stay in bed beyond 8am!  I decided to post my cruelty free holiday essentials before heading off.


Before I go into the list, a note here is that when you are either vegan or only use cruelty free products it means that you want to be sure that you don’t forget or loose anything!  It would be easy to find something to replace what you don’t have, but not so much something cruelty free.  Therefore my biggest tip for travelling cruelty free, take the essentials, or at least little pots of the essentials in your carry on luggage, or handbag!  For me these things are my face wash (thankfully I still have a sample tub of my new Dark Angels face wash which I never finished), deodorant, moisturiser, toothpaste, foundation, mascara and sun tan lotion.  If my case got lost I could live without the other things for a week, but these I just could not!!!


I am actually a fairly light packer, I tend to have less than what I need on holiday!  I just hate taking a suitcase so always just have carry on luggage.  However, regardless of where I go, how long for or what I am doing my absolute essentials are below:




Face Wash

I am taking Dark Angels from Lush as it is perfect to clean my face at the end of the day.  It is slightly exfoliating so perfect if my skin gets dry from the water wherever I go.  At the same time it is also not too harsh to be used morning and night for a few days.  It is the best of both worlds when packing light.



No matter where you are or what you are doing, you always need a good moisturiser!  The Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum is my fave all rounder, it can be used on my face, body and even my hair!  When you are on holiday for whatever reason skin can get stressed, I find I don’t actually drink as much water as usual and my skin becomes dehydrated or sun tan lotion will make it very greasy and cause breakouts.  Either way I always need a good moisturiser.


Sun Lotion

I am fair skinned and also have vitiligo so it is very important I always have on lotion in the sun.  Even if I am going somewhere cold I take the lotion just in case, you never know when it can be super sunny!  I am taking Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion with me this time, not tried it before so we shall see how it fares.


Fake Tan

Ok so this is not a sun holiday, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look like I am a bit sun kissed or tanned so I have my Black Stockings bar from Lush to take with me.  This is great just rubbed along the collar bones before you go out for tea to have a nice healthy glow.



Is a must, no matter where I go I need to have a good summery smelling perfume, I am taking my Eden one.


Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow palette is the best choice when going away, lots of looks in one small package.  I like to leave it more natural most of the time but love a bit of gold for a proper night out, the Obscura Hourglass Pallette is my current fave.


Nail Varnish

I always like to have painted nails on holiday I always do them the night before I go, but then have to take it with me to top up if required.  I have my trusty Barry M coming with me.


Lip Gloss

I don’t know why, but I use my lip gloss like it is going out of fashion on holiday, at home I never even have it in my handbag, but on holiday it is an essential.  It just gives me the, I am on holiday feel!  The Barry M Lip Gloss is my fave, see here for why.


Co-op Pain Killers

I always take some Ibuprofen from the Co-op as I know it is not tested on animals and I would rather take my own and not need it than have to buy an alternative!


My Kindle

Ok so not exactly cruelly free or vegan, but still I could not go away without it!  I don’t get much reading time at home so being stuck on a plane is the perfect time to relax and get lost in another world.





As I am now vegan I have made sure that I have a small selection of vegan treats so I know that no matter what happens I have a snack for each day as sometimes you just need an energy boost and finding something you can actually eat is just too exhausting!  I also like to eat, a lot!  I have with me a selection of Nakd Bars and the only bar I had left from Shire Snax.  I also have a Mylk Coffee for the plane as we leave really early so nothing at the airport will be open.


And that is everything that I say must be taken on holiday.  What do you take?  Do you pack light or take all your worldly belongings?