February was a bit of a quiet month for us, although we had a few nice meals out and lots of good cake!  For the first time in years we had 3 weekends in one month in our own home too, which was just amazing.  We caught up on sleep, pottered in the garden and even managed to get most of the house finished, a job which has taken over two years!


So what have I been loving in February………




Dark Angels


Lush Dark Angels Face Scrub

I had the worst reaction to everything I tried from Lush at the start of last year so avoided them entirely in 2015.  I decided to give them another go this year and got a wee sample of the Dark Angels face scrub.  Happy to report both me and my skin love it!  The full size pot has been bought!!


Cork Wallet

My husband is a total nightmare when it comes to me being vegan/ cruelty free.  He moans constantly and tells me he doesn’t care about the animals.  Yet, he seems to think I don’t notice that he constantly sends me vegan recipes, vegan exhibition links and trawls the internet to find vegan and cruelty free companies and brands for me.  He just wants to hide something that I have already worked out, he is secretly a super supportive husband who considers what I believe in (I am one lucky girl!!).  This present is one of those that he trawled for, he found a lady who makes things from cork and bought me a bag, which I am yet to use, and this wallet.  Totally love it and it is nice and big for all my crap!


Sgaia Foods Mheat

This month I got my first monthly Mheat Variety Box delivered.  I tried the steaks back in December and love them so the fact they now do a monthly subscription delivered to your door is awesome!  They also came to the Stockbridge Market near my house, so I got to try their new products.  Hoping they have these as an option in the monthly box soon too!!  Watch out for a review of their products next month!


Other stuff


Bloom Remedies Sensitive Skin Moisturiser

I just found this company last month and as pretty much every moisturiser ever hates my skin thought I would give this a try as they do sample sizes for £5.  So much better than wasting £15-20 on a moisturiser to use it once then give away!  Shockingly, my skin has had no reaction to it.  It is so gentle and has a lovely floral smell to it.  It has a thick luxurious feel, but not overpowering.  I bought a few products so will review them soon!


Fairy Pants Apple Crumble Perfume

Another vegan company my lovely husband found!  It smells exactly like apple crumble yet somehow is really quite subtle when you actually have it on.  When I wear it I literally smell good enough to eat, in the best possible kind of way.  The cutest bit, the little bottle it comes in, like something out of Alice in Wonderland!


Did you try any fab new products in February, if so do share!