This is a post I have really struggled with.  I have written, changed and deleted it so many times as I am just not sure if people will want to read it.  I don’t like to have posts on my blog which are “preachy” as my aim here is to give people a nice light hearted move towards living a cruelty free lifestyle.  However, sometimes I just see such horrific information, which I am pretty sure most of us are blissfully unaware of, I have to share it.


I wore, used and bought leather until recently.  In my head the leather I bought came from animals who lived in a beautiful big green field eating grass all day long until they were elderly and then were taken into a nice humane slaughter house and killed.  There was no pain, suffering or mental abuse suffered by the animals.  I know I am not the only one who thought this, but my god was I wrong!


As consumers push the price of everything in the world down, companies are finding cheaper and cheaper ways to do things.  This is part of the reason I became vegan, read here for more info on that.  Leather is now being sourced from Asia, predominantly from China who have no animal rights laws.  We have all heard the stories of the Yulin dog meat festival and were horrified by this practice, we would never eat such a thing.  Sadly, from what I have learned, no you don’t eat the dog meat which was taken from animals in such inhumane ways, but, you are possibly wearing it.


When you buy cheap (and sometimes expensive) leather, it is often taken from animals who are still alive or who have to see the fate of their fellow dogs before them.  I really don’t want to go into this, as I appreciate most people would rather not know but in a very short description.  Dogs are stolen off the street, cramped in small crates, driven for hundreds of miles often with no food or water, those who actually make the journey alive are then thrown in a room where they await their fate.  They can hear and smell what is coming, it is terrifying and no animal should have to endure it.


I wanted to keep this brief, just to let you all know the information I have found.  If you want to learn more look it up, there is plenty of information out there.  The aim in this post is just to bring the issue to you.  I urge everyone reading this to stop buying leather, if you feel it is something you must have then at least consider not buying cheap leather.  I often feel I can’t change the world or stop the suffering of animals but what I have really learned over my journey so far is this.  What you do will make a difference.  It may not stop these things from happening entirely but it will for certain mean you are lowering demand, who cares if it is just by one, if we each lower the demand by one it will soon be zero.  Remember that!


Try cork leather instead, I have a few pieces now and am loving them all, hard wearing (and I am hard on my things, everything I own is thrown on the ground in bars, football games).


A bit much on a Saturday morning so sorry, but just wanted to put it out there, especially as fur seems to be in such a big debate again, fur is not the only problem!!!