So I have decided that Eden Perfumes are one of the most exciting things to happen for everyone vegan or cruelty free (I only slightly exaggerate!).  Until finding them I thought I was going to have to smell of soap for eternity, or spend like £60+ a bottle for the only vegan perfume I have found (Illamasqua Freak, which I still want by the way Paul, hurry up and buy me it!!!).  The reason Eden are awesome, each perfume they make is designed to smell similar to the high street favourites and they are all just £15!  And all of their perfumes are vegan and free of all nasties, what more could you want!


Before going cruelty free my fave was always Marc Jacobs Daisy, Paul would generally buy me whichever was new that season.  Thankfully Eden Perfumes make one which is pretty much the same!   When I first sprayed it, I felt it was a bit overpowering, but within a couple of minutes it settles down and just smells amazing.  I am not sure if there is some kind of technical reason for this, maybe just as it doesn’t have the nasties it takes a minute to settle???  But yeah, don’t be put off if it seems a bit much when first sprayed!!  It has a gorgeous slightly floral smell, but is not sickeningly sweet.  To me it just smells like a sunny spring day, if a perfume can smell like that haha!  Another thing it has over the real deal is it’s lasting power, I find the smell of Daisy fades after 30 minutes, but this stays on for a good few hours.  I really would not be without this perfume now!


I bought Paul one at the same time and his was equally amazing, it was similar to Hugo.  He has even been wearing it more than he ever did his designer ones, although maybe that’s just a sign he is having an affair……..I may have to double check haha!!!  Either way, he smells good!


As if this was not all enough another thing which I love about them, the simple small practical bottles!  I don’t know about you, but I just found so many of the perfumes I used to use ridiculous shapes and sizes.  I mean granted I used Daisy which has a big massive daisy on the top, but still so many perfumes want to look good and sometimes you just want a perfume you can chuck in your bag and know the lid wont fall off!!!  This is what Eden Perfumes do!


Has anyone else tried them? Have you got a fave?





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