Catchy title huh!!!  First off I want to point out, this is 100% not a shame people post.  I am in no position to do that to anyone.  I am sure there is something I do or use which is actually not cruelty free despite my best efforts, I am posting it to get you thinking.  So here it is, 7 things I bet you forget are tested on animals…


Going for a spa day

We all love a good spa day, but sadly pretty much every single one, unless you are lucky enugh to live near a spa that uses Cowshed products or Neal’s Yard Remedies, is likely to use products tested on animals, or owned by a company who test. Sad face!!  But helpfully, I will be listing some cruelty free spas soon so watch this space!


Yup you heard me, the toothbrushes are for the most part made by the exact same companies who test toothpaste on animals……I have found a couple from Morrison’s which are ok, but am still hunting.  Paul got me a bamboo toothbrush for my Christmas, fully biodegradable too, I will let you know how it goes!  As above, I hope to find a selection of cruelty free toothbrushes listed on here soon.  Blog writing is sooooo glamorous!!!


See above, although I have read lots of good reviews of Preserve razors, I have one on order to review soon!



Again, most use products tested on animals.  I have found a couple who use cruelty free shampoo and a couple who use cruelty free dye but none doing both.  I really don’t know why life is so hard sometimes!  However, I actually have a sort of fix for this.  Find a hairdresser using Manic Panic dye (or some other cruelty free kind, which if you find it tell me as I am really struggling to find any decent ones!!!) and ask if you can bring your own shampoo. Solved!  Then you can maybe encourage them to change the shampoo too!

Nail Salons/Bars

I am sure it is out there, but yet to find a shellac or fake nail which is not tested on animals.  Sad but true.  However, Barry M do have a new nail varnish they claim is like shellac.  Maybe we could take our own nail varnish……


So this is really only relevant if you don’t buy from brands who have parent companies who test (like me!).  But yeah, so much food is owned by some of these big companies like Unilever it is untrue!  I drive everyone who shops with me mental looking at all the packets, yeah it takes time but once you find the cruelty free stuff (with no palm oil!) then you can just keep buying the same.  It gets easier, I promise!


Dog Food

Yup, your dog food is tested on animals, and not in a nice “try this new flavour to see if you like it” way.  They are caged and tested on, it’s horrible.  There are plenty of options though, see this list from PETA.  My pups love Burns, Lily’s Kitchen and Pooch & Mutt.


I hope this gets you thinking a bit, I am not saying don’t do these things, but maybe look into cruelty free options.  In Edinburgh I have found a good few hairdressers using cruelty free shampoo and have found a Spa called Balanced Lifestyle which use Neal’s Yard products.  I will be looking into this further this year to try and get some more options ready for people, but just ask at your locals.  They may be very open to change!