My dogs got an actual million presents for their Christmas, as always!  In among them this year they got a fair few tubs of Pooch & Mutt biscuits as my entire family are now looking out for the PETA logo for presents for us (they are good eggs!!).  I have been meaning to blog on them for months, so now my dogs have tried every flavour, I feel I can definitely give a very rounded review!


Pooch and Mutt are another independent British company who make dog food, supplements and treats.  While they are not vegan, they do ensure they only use free run produce and only from the UK.


Pooch & Mutt 1


I had a lurker as I took the photos, she loves them that much she wouldn’t even give me a second to take a picture!!

Pooch & Mutt 2



The treats they had this time round were Feel Good, Health & Digestion and Brain & Train.  Each treat has chicken as their base but then careful consideration has been given to the other ingredients as per there name.  The Health & Digestion biscuits have charcoal, chicory and parsley to help aid digestion.  The Brain & Train biscuits have ginkgo biloba and coconut oil for concentration and energy for the brain respectively.  The Feel Good biscuits on the other hand give a donation to charity each time you buy them.


The girls had slightly dodgy tummies at the start of the week, as anyone who has a husky will know, they have stupidly sensitive stomachs.  I gave them the Health & Digestion treats each day for their morning treat and it seemed to help, who knows it may have just passed but seemed to work!


Mas & Dork’s personal favorites are all of them haha!  Here is Masja with the Brain & Train biscuits, quite appropriately, training!  Do you like her little party trick??!


Pooch & Mutt 3



And here she is posing with all the boxes, looking as about excited as I could possibly get her, she is quite stubborn when she wants to be!


Pooch & Mutt 4



Dork on the other hand was quite incapable of even sitting still for half a second she was so excited so no photos of her.  I will maybe get a photo of her next time!


I didn’t realise until I contacted Pooch & Mutt they actually also do dog food, I will need to get some on order for the pups to try next.  Meanwhile, I definitely recommend the biscuits.  Has anyone else tried them??