I feel like a fraud writing this as my husband and I literally do nothing for Valentines, no card, gifts or romantic dinner, but regardless I decided to devote this months Wish List to the perfect valentines gifts for people who shop cruelty free or are vegan!  There are obviously loads of things out there you could buy, but I went for the fairly “Valentinesy” (humour me, that’s totally a word) things.  I even have a cute wee cuddly teddy in there, proceeds going to saving whatever wild animal you choose!!


Wishlist feb 16

On to the list:


Fatally Yours Gourmet Chocolate Box

Ok so this is stupidly expensive, but it is just so amazing!!! $170


Vegan Chocolate Heart

Or a little bit more down to Earth price wise, £6.45


Raindrops on Roses Candle

Who doesn’t want a candle?? If only for the name, £8


Balanced Lifestyle

A massage at a cruelty free salon, if you are in Edinburgh try Balanced Lifestyle, loads of options from £58

I guess if you are elsewhere, try finding a Neal’s Yard salon near you (ps. post on this coming soon!!)


Love Bug Glitter Valentine Candle

Another candle option, I just love the jars!! £12


Wild Animal Adoption

Adopt them an animal in the wild, and you get a free cuddly bear too, from £36


Sausage Dog Tape Dispenser

This is probably not something many people would like but as I really really want it for my new desk its on my list!!  Paul, buy me it!!!  £7.69  (In other news I will be blogging about my new desk later in the month, bet you can’t wait!!!)


Miracle Cleansing Collection

Expensive, but looks gorgeous, you know the one you love is worth it!! £90


Obviously if you are single at this time of year I totally suggest you buy yourself one of these gifts, and it should be the Sausage Dog Tape Dispenser, you know it’s awesome!!!!  Hope you all have a fab time whatever you get up to on the 14th, I will no doubt spend it giving belly rubs to my mutts, I may even take them out for lunch!