I know it’s February, but I am still clinging on to the New Years resolutions of eating healthy and exercising, or is everyone else over that already?!  Anyhoo, in honour of this I decided to post up my healthy(ish) vegan porridge.  I love this as a good filling start to my day, I also love an easy recipe and this is the easiest ever.


With all porridge one of the main pieces of advice is use high quality ingredients, what a difference they make to the taste.  Another tip for this recipe specifically the best bit is the use of hazelnut milk instead of the usual almond or soya.  I find this adds an amazing extra element and for me makes perfect porridge!


Porridge is clearly a good healthy breakfast which keeps you full until lunch as the oats slowly release energy.  However, I label this healthy(ish) because of the maple syrup or agave nectar (if used).  If you want a super healthy breakfast I would suggest leaving these out and instead add peaches or pears.  Although to be honest, you could also leave them in and also add peaches or pears for a really decadent breakfast, yum!





1 x cup porridge oats

1.5 x cups hazelnut milk

1 x teaspoon vegan cacao powder (not cocoa which is heated and looses its nutrients)

1 x teaspoon cinnamon

1 x teaspoon maple syrup or agave nectar (if desired)



Add the porridge oats and hazelnut milk to a pan and heat over a medium heat.  Stir constantly.  Once the porridge starts to thicken add the cocoa and cinnamon.  Again stir constantly to stop it sticking to the pan.  It should take between 5 and 10 minutes for the porridge to cook to the correct consistency depending on the size of porridge oats used.  From the 5 minute mark test it frequently and once it is correct to your taste serve and eat immediately.  If you want it, I would add the maple syrup or agave nectar when it is served.


Do you have any other healthy vegan recipes to start the day?  Post below if you do, would love to have more options!