February – I know I say it every month – but seriously, where has the time gone!  It feels like it was Christmas just a minute ago!  However, despite my perceived lack of the month of January happening, I did actually receive a lot of replies from companies last month on their cruelty free stance, hooray!!  Although, January was also the month of companies coming back to me either telling me no partnership was available or to send them my blog stats.  This may not seem annoying to you, but it really is when I am only asking them to answer some questions!!!!  So many companies went back and forth with me this way last month it was like Groundhog Day!!!  I may never know who own E.L.F. (although that’s a lie as I finally found it myself on Wikipedia) as they constantly just reply saying they cant give me freebies!!!!  Anyhoo rant over, the new list is below, really excited to try some of these brands!!


a-D Feb 2016

Cruelty Free

Aroma Bella Skin Care (Royal Labs)

Aubrey Organics



Beyond Organic Skincare

Bloom Remedies

Deep Steep (Royal Labs)

Desert Essence

Dr Organic

G-Z Feb 2016Gosh

Naturally Thinking

Natures Gate

North Coast Organics


PHB Ethical Beauty

The Green Woman – Fit Pits

Royal Labs



Owned by a company who test

E.L.F. (TPG Growth**)

Stella McCartney (Kering*)


*Kering – own a number of different brands including Gucci and Alexander McQueen (I am devastated to have uncovered this, I was loving still having a designer brand I could use. But hey ho onward and upward!!!)

**TPG Growth – this company are just an investment company so don’t actually test on animals but own many different brands who do.  To me this still means the profits given to them may be invested into animal testing. As an investment firm they will put money back into the companies they invest in if required.