When I bought my tickets for Vegfest I saw this company listed on the exhibitors list and contacted them to see if they were cruelty free. Once they had confirmed I considered buying some products online but decided to wait until the exhibition instead, I don’t know why but in my sad little head it just seemed way more exciting that way!


Anyhoo, at Vegfest on December 5th I got myself to the Humble Stuff stand.  I love to try to use small, independent companies where possible and it just makes it that bit nicer when you get to meet the owners as well.  Marie, the owner, is a lovely woman and I was happy to meet her and buy from her (after a good blether!).




I bought all three products they create, Soft Cleaning Paste, Toilet Freshener and Multi Surface Spray.  They come in a number of scents but I chose the Blood Orange Spray , Lemon Myrtle Paste and Lavender Toilet Freshener.  The Blood Orange spray has a lovely smell and does exactly what it says, it is an effective multi purpose spray.  It easily moved dirty marks and grease from my worktops.


After using this in the kitchen I took to the bathroom with the paste and toilet freshener (what a glamorous life I lead…).


The paste smells utterly amazing as soon as you mix it with water.  It was also a pretty damn good cleaner.  It takes a bit of getting used to as its a paste but once you use it a few times it is fine.  As with the spray it is good and took all the dirt off our incredibly dirty sink!!  I would like to point out we are not dirty but have just had work finished in the house and had left the bathrooms for 2 weeks as we had painters coming in and out making a mess, so the bathroom was sadly, really dirty!


The final product is the toilet freshener, which again smells gorgeous.  They are essentially bath bombs for your toilet which, once fizzing, can be used to scrub the toilet clean as well.  I really loved these, the toilet was shining afterward.


I am really happy I found this company and am really loving the products and do recommend them.  The results are made even more amazing by the fact the products have no harsh chemicals and are all fresh!  Just another reason to love them!


Has anyone else tried them?  What did you think?






Buy it here: Humble Stuff