I do love a good body butter so thought it was about time I gave making one myself a go.  As ever, you would be amazed just how easy it is, it literally takes 10 minutes to make!!!  I hunted around to find the best options and ideas on how to make it and came across some which had cocoa in them to give the skin a bit of a sun kissed glow.   I have very pale skin which in the depths of winter is literally white, as I have not yet found a cruelty free fake tan!  So, the final decision was to make a body butter which also had some cocoa in.


To make the body butter you just need 3 or 4 ingredients.  This will depend on whether or not you want to add an essential oil to give the butter a nice scent, although personally I didn’t bother as I quite like the smell of the coconut oil.  I also used a fresh stem from my aloe vera plant but if you don’t have one you can use aloe vera gel.  Although I would encourage everyone to buy an aloe vera plant as they are great and super easy to use.  I have killed every plant that has ever entered my house apart from the aloe vera!


I find that coconut oil can be a little bit greasy in the homemade beauty products I make, but both whipping the coconut oil and adding aloe vera will stop this.  The lotion goes on easily and sinks into your skin to leave it perfectly soft.  The colour from the cocoa is very subtle but just enough to make it a little less white!  If you want a deeper colour, use more cocoa!


Body Butter

How to make it


200ml coconut oil

1 x stem aloe vera

1 x teaspoon cocoa powder

A few drops essential oil of your choice


First the coconut oil has to be whipped using a hand mixer.  Keep whipping it until it becomes a nice soft consistency, this should take around 4-5 minutes.  Once you are happy with the consistency squeeze the juice from the aloe vera stem.  Finally add the cocoa powder and essential oil and mix it all together.  And that is it…


Let me know if you give this a go, or if you have any other recipes you have used!