I am clearly spoilt, I got not one but two Wilby bags for my Christmas.  Very unexpected!  Both the same style, the Citibag from the Primrose Hill Set, but one is a very practical black and the other a more fun leopard print.  Wilby are a PETA approved vegan brand from England, started in 2013.  I really like the bags on their website, they are all quite classic, but have some fun colours and prints which I think means they can appeal to most tastes.


Wilby Black



As I said above I got two bags but despite being the exact same bag, they are quite different material.  The black bag is a thicker material and feels far sturdier than the leopard print version.  If I was going to recommend them based on this I would say go with the plain colours.  I will be interested to see if they both last the same length of time or if the leopard print bag is of lesser quality.


Wilby Lep 1


Both bags have a detachable gold chain strap and when removed can be used as a clutch.  They also have a strap on the top to hold if required.  They have 2 pockets inside, one which is big enough for your keys the other for your phone.  And to be honest that is pretty much it!  I really love them and would totally recommend.


I have been using them for a couple of weeks now and they have held up well.  I was a tad concerned as they are made from cork and I was a bit worried the rain may ruin them.  But pleased to say it has not, and anyone in Scotland the last 3 weeks knows that I have had the perfect weather for testing that!


Anyone else got a Wilby bag? How is your’s holding up?