Hello January, can you believe it!!  I don’t even have much to add to my list this month.  I got loads of replies at the start of December and then just one reply since!  The one reply was quite exciting though, it is a brand who make cruelty free razors and toothbrushes.  I have seriously struggled to find anything until now and am excited to give these a go.  I also have a brand to add on the test on animals list too.  Does it count as a real brand update if there are only two things???



Do not test on animals:

Preserve – Razors & Toothbrushes


Do test on animals:

Boots Brands (use ingredients tested on animals)


Well that was very short but sweet!  Next month I promise to have a long list to add here, I have already emailed numerous places, I think the Christmas period just meant a lack of replies this time around.