I generally hate “Black Friday”, you know the American sale after Thanksgiving which we seem to have adopted.  It is just an excuse for companies to make more money from consumers who don’t seem to realise they are only getting like £5 of a £600 TV, or even better they hiked the price up for the last month so you *thought* you were getting a good deal.  However, this year my husband was online looking for some cheap Anthony Logistics products (as they are generally pretty damn expensive!) and found on one website they would be having a 30% off sale on Black Friday.  Clearly whether we agree with this or not, cheap stuff is cheap stuff!!!

So on Black Friday my husband went online and got the below:

Anthony Logistics 1

Hair & Shower Gel

Face Cleanser

Lip Balm


A Travel Kit

(PS. sorry for the terrible pictures, these bottles are so shiny I have no idea how to photograph them!)

He has tried a couple of the products before and really liked them so decided it was worth investing in huge ones at a cheap price, no doubt they will last him a year, so well worth it!

He really loves the hair wash and shower gel and you only need a tiny bit as it expands more than expanding foam apparently!  He also says it leaves him feeling really clean, which I have to say with some cruelty free hair washes, sadly you just don’t.  I am going to say he will def be buying this again, but it will not be for a long time, the tub he bought was so big it will last him until next Black Friday!

With the face wash, again only a tiny bit is needed and it has a nice citrus smell, I didn’t get much more out of him than that.  But that is not a bad thing necessarily!

Anthony Logistics 2

He is loving his travel kit as it means he can take it all to the gym, and when the small tubs run out he can refill from the big ones.

All I could get out of him on the rest and I quote is “the lip stuff seems nice and the rest is fine”.  This is maybe not a glowing review, but from a man of few words it speaks volumes, no complaining means he is happy.  Also remember he has super sensitive skin so if it works for him it should suit everyone.