Well, what a year!  I decided 2015 would be the year I turned cruelty free, made it my resolution and I 100% stuck to it!  Not only that, but I actually got my husband to stick to it too.  I can honstly say my skin has never been better and my household is just as clean as it was before (I would love to say it is shinier, but that would be a lie!).


I also obviously set up my blog and as a huge surprise I even have people reading it (thanks for that guys!).


The intention of my blog was always to get others to make the change too and I know within my immediate family and with a few very amazing friends this change is already taking place.  However, I now want more.  I would really like to encourage as many people as I can to turn cruelty free in 2016.  This blog is full of totally amazing brands that you can change to.  I don’t think there is anything I have not listed yet so hopefully I have made it easier for you.


Between now and the end of the month I will be putting up a couple of posts on the products I actualy use day to day now as well as a post outlining a cruelty free starter kit for any household.


It has not been nearly as hard as I feared, although I have to admit, it does sometimes mean buying products online, but really that is super easy once you are in the swing of it.  So yeah, who is with me?  Anyone want to commit to going 100% cruelty free in 2016?  I promise to be on hand to help…….