I have had my eye on this brand for a while, I love all things black, moody and metal and the Illamasqua stuff always has this feel for me, obviously firmed up by the fact their perfume is called Freak.  Anyhoo, I digress!  I have been wanting to try their products since I started this search but they are so expensive and with trying other things I have never had the chance.


I had to pick up some things from TK Maxx for work on Thursday and while I was in their found Cowshed products (another blog to come soon).  As I was picking things up for work I had no time to rake so decided to go back on the Saturday as I had a free weekend, for like the first time ever.  I was seriously impressed, not only did they have super cheap Cowshed stuff they also had Anthony Logistics, Yes To, Organic Surge and Illamasqua.  I was like a pig in s**t!!!  They had so much stuff it was crazy, I ended up coming home £100 poorer with a massive haul.  But for me, most importantly I finally had a nice selection of Illamasqua stuff to try, and even better some of it was in clearance, que £2, yes you heard me right, £2 nail varnish!!!  I actually came home on a high!



So tonight I tried out 2 of my new purchases, a teal nail varnish and a nude lip gloss.  I am mostly in love right now!  The nail varnish goes on like a dream, it doesn’t clump and it dries quickly. It goes on really smoothly and I found it is actually quite hard to make a mess of it.  I have never used expensive nail varnish before so not sure if its all like that but it is for sure the best I have come across.  I didn’t put on a top coat, mainly as I have the attention span of a gold fish and get bored, but the nail varnish stayed on with no chips at all for 2 days.  It also didn’t get the usual line marks which other nail varnishes get from going about every day life.  I am really impressed with how it goes on, the colour and the lasting power.  I will definitely be buying this again, even at full price (normally £14.50).


Then there is the lip gloss.  As it was bought in TK Maxx it is either last seasons or priors, so this was a nice nude shade which was totally circa 1990’s for any of you old enough to remember, but I quite like it.  It reminds me of the make up people had on at a club night I went to when I was wee called Mud Club in Aberdeen.  So probs not one I would wear out all the time, but it was good to get a feel for the consistency of the gloss.


So that was my first try of Illamasqua and I would definitely recommend.  I really love what I bought!  Have you tried it??