I have seen an “Empties” post on a few blogs and liked the idea so thought I would throw one in.  Basically this is a list of all the products I have tried which I have used every last bit of.  I find that I try lots of products but my skin doesn’t necessarily like them all.  Even if I give things a good review my skin may react to it later, which I never share as its just my stupid skin, not the products.  So basically, what I am trying to get across is that these are products I LOVE!!  I have been saving them up, so this is a bit of a mixed bag, months in the making….

Certain Dri


First up is the Certain-Dri deodorant.  This just does what you would want from a deodorant, stop me being a smelly mess by the end of the day, which is never attractive haha!  My husband and I both use this and I reckon it lasts for around 3 months a time so yes it is quite expensive (approx. £8) but £32 for year really isn’t that bad. Buy it in bulk and you don’t even pay much for postage.



Next, Lily Lolo Mascara.  I find this is a perfect budget mascara at about £10 and has lasted me a full 3 months.  I love it because it clogs and gives my lashes a nice thick mascara look, it is not for everyone, but perfect for me!  I have a few more mascaras to try at the moment so not sure if I will be buying this all the time but I would def recommend it and really am a fan.


I started selling products for Forever Living after trying some and totally loving them, I try not to mention them on my blog as I don’t want people thinking I am just trying to flog them things, which I am not!  But I must include this because the Forever Living Cream to Powder Foundation is amazing!  I have pretty hideous skin, which is much better thanks to these products but it still isn’t perfect.  I find if I don’t wear makeup then my skin will get really itchy and react during the day, no idea why it is just weird!!  So I always have to wear something on my skin, but the flip side of that is sometimes my skin reacts to foundations too.  This stuff is just perfect for me, it has fab coverage, lasts all day with no shiny forehead by lunchtime and my skin has no reaction to it, it’s a miracle!!!  It costs £27 so is not cheap, but it lasts 2 months used daily and it replaces two products, foundation and powder so for me is a permanent fixture in my makeup bag.


FIN Rosemary


I haven’t actually done a blog on this one yet, but I finally found the shampoo for me, woop woop!!!!  Faith in Nature Rosemary Shampoo and Conditioner.  It cleans my hair, smells great and stops my hair getting greasy or limp by 5pm.  I really do love it!  It was a long process finding shampoo but I got there in the end.  The main downside to this is it is very difficult to find, I will just have to keep buying online. £5 a tub and it last a couple of months which really isn’t bad at all.



TriumphLast up is Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser.  My husband actually finished something!!!!  I really think this has been a great product, given how sensitive his skin is.  He never finishes anything so happy to see he has clearly liked this!


And that is our empties at the moment!  We have so many half finished things but these have been some of our faves since we started on this journey.  As things go down I think we will have another “Empties” post some time soon though!  Let me know if you have tried any of the products and what you think.