The final list!   I really hope this has helped people reconsider what they buy this festive season.  It is so easy to get high quality cruelty free things once you know where to find them!  The final list is a load of stocking fillers.  Really I could have just put up everything from every brand I listed, but tried to hone it in to just 9.  And here they are:


1. H&M Mini Bag – this is the perfect size to fit a couple of bits of make up in your hand bag and only £2.99 and the matching toilet bag is here


2. Cowshed Cracker – hand cream and lip balm in a cute little cracker £10


3. Cowshed Bullocks Cracker – and one for the boys, £10


4. White Rabbit Skincare Lime and Coconut Cleansing Water – this is a great, natural alternative to using chemical laden face wipes for those who are just too lazy to take their make up off at night at the sink.  I for one am majorly guilty of this afte a night out and the wipes just kill my skin. £15


5. Flamingo Candles Bah! Humbug Christmas Jar Candle – I just love the colours in this and all the other candles I have from them are divine. £12


6. Barry M Sunset Nail Varnish – the new range which is like getting pro salon nails but in your own house.  £4.99


7. MooGoo Evening Primrose & Starflower Oil –  dry skin moisturiser in cute packaging £8.50


8. Fairy Pants Boxed Perfume – so sweet and rustic, ideal for a teenager, lots of different smells! £13.50


9. Geek Chic Newb Necessities – all the stuff from this company looks great but this has a blush, lip colour and eye shadow. $17.57


And obviously a clementine, vegan and everyone loves them ha!

Happy shopping folks,