Well I am a crazy dog lady so this was always going to happen!!!  My dogs want for nothing, they get the best of everything on offer and at Christmas are also suitably spoilt.

So here it is my top 6 gifts for your pup this Christmas – but please note this is not vegan, it mostly involves meat!


1 . Lily’s Kitchen MORE Christmas Dinner’s and Delights for Dogs – a box full of dog food, biscuits and treats all in the Christmas theme.  It is £42 so I know the less mental amoungst us wont buy this, but it comes all wrappped up and ready to put under the tree.


2. Green & Wild’s Gift Box for Dogs – another fairly large present for your favourite furry friend.  Only this is a selection of both treats and toys and is slightly cheaper at only £29.95.  My dogs love fish and this has a fair few fishy pieces in there so for them this is a winner!


3. Lily’s Kitchen Yuletide Delights Selection Box – so pretty much the same but on a smaller scale, only £12.99.


4. Ronnie the Rhino Chew Toy – this is super cute, made from sustainable materials and has a bottle inside to give mutts a chrunch!  I really love this and only £5.99.


5. Roxy Reindeer Plush Toy – this is just adorable.  Any puppy would be lucky to get this on Christmas morning and only £5.99.


6. Green & Wild’s Chew Roots – this is a great little sustainable present for a mutt.  Ours have had something similar for years which they go back to again and again.  On top of that it is good for giving dogs teeth a brush!  They range in size from £5.99 to £14.99.


As you can see from the above I love both Lily’s Kitchen and Green & Wild’s personally I think you could make a really good mixed box up for a dog from either of their websites.  They have lots of great treats and toys.  In addition for all of you with cats instead of dogs, they both have a line of cat treats too!


Let me know if you will be buying anything for your fluffy friends this Christmas!