Whilst searching for new cruelty free brands recently I came across a brand from New Zealand called Triumph & Disaster.  The are a brand which sell mens skin and hair care products.  Luckily enough for me the only UK stockist are ‘Brotique’ a bloke shop around the corner from my work so I went round to check their products out.

To put a bit of background here, my husband’s skin is super fussy and he moans about me changing anything for him.  To be fair he does end up in open sores from his eczema but who ever said this journey was going to be painless!  When I went to Brotique I checked if the products were good for people with such sensitive skin and they seemed confident that they should be fine.  The stuff is fairly pricey, but I bought a shampoo, face wash and hair pomade (which was hot pink haha!).




My husband has been using them all for a while.  When I asked how he was going with the shampoo, he replied “shampoo is shampoo”.  From him this is very positive!!  The one thing he did tell me it doesnt lather and seemed put off by this on the first couple of days.  However, he is now 2 months into using it and has asked me to get more.  I think for him this may be the best cruelty free shampoo.  The real bonus with this is it has not set off his eczema at all, and this is a really huge plus.  This will definitely be bought again for him!  The only downside is it is £20, but as it is the only thing which doesnt set him off I will just have to get over it!!!

As for the face wash, it smells really good and works up a nice lather.  So tick tick for both of those, however, my husband is most happy with it as it makes his beard soft.  Apparently this is important :).  The only issue with it for me is the price, yeah he is loving it, but it is again £20 which for a random face wash is pretty expensive. I think this may be just a Christmas stocking filler moving on, not a regular purchase!

Lastly, the pomade, sadly he was not impressed with this.  He felt it made his hair greasy, but what is wrong for one person may be right for the next so give it a go!!!

All in all, our first try of Triumph and Disaster has been good and we have definitley found the new shampoo for him.  Let me know how you get on if you try them.





Buy it here: Triumph & Disaster