It has been a long time coming but this week we are finally on a holiday.  It is not the most exotic, just a caravan in Nairn but we are here as we know the dogs LOVE it!  The beach is 2 mins from the caravan door and there are literally a million bunnies to watch out the patio doors.  But anyway to my point, a holiday for the dogs not only means all the walks but also all the treats!  As I have a dog shop about 5 doors from my house we stopped by last week to see what new cruelty free goodies they had in store and the dogs were in luck, there was a couple they have never tried before.



First up are my old fave brand for the dogs – Lily’s Kitchen.  They have new Natural Snack Bars so I bought a couple of kinds.  These are really handy, you get two in a pack and unlike a lot of dog treats you can snap off a bit to give them each time.  So depending on where you are or what you are doing you can either snap off a wee bit and give it as a treat or you can give them the whole thing as a meal replacement if you get caught out as each bar is ‘nutritionally complete’.

The Eat Your Greens Snack Bar was a given as it has the super food kale in it and clearly my puppies need some of that in their lives!  The verdict was….they loved it!  But then they love everything Lily’s Kitchen have ever made!


Gemma in the dog shop also had something totally new for the girls – a whole fish skin!  The company who make these are called Green & Wilds and they only use ethically sourced fish.  They had a few different options but thought we would try this first.  They have both had their noses around this for a few days, so it certainly looks appealing to them, but tonight we finally opened it.

They said its their new most fave thing EVER! How do i know, well Zorks immediately ran off with it and Mas stopped chewing it every time I even tried to take a photo, she only stops chewing things when I come near if she really, really loves them!



They lasted each dog around 10 minutes so they were a decent length of time for the cost, only £2.50.  The only draw back, and it’s a real drawback, the caravan stinks!  The smell is rank.  I think from now on this is a garden only treat!!


But yeah, they love them, so 2 new entirely cruelty free treats to add to the list for the pups!

Let me know how your pooches go if you buy them!