Wishlist 3


Holy crap – August is almost over!!  It feels like yesterday I did my last wish list!  But here it is, and as we are getting closer I really, really hope my husband is secretly buying all these things for my Christmas……and yup I did just use the C-word!!


Beyond SkinFirst up, Beyond Skin Emerald Mint High Court.  I just think these are beautiful!  At £69 they are not even that expensive….




I am obsessed with shoes, I know.

Wing ShoesBut yeah here are another pair, Dreaming Wing shoes by Mel these are just so cute I need them for work.  Potentially in every colour!

At £38 I think they are a bit pricey for flats, but they are just so pretty……..

Get them here: Mel Shoes


I have read lots of amazing reviews for this foundation, Ellis Faas Skin Veil.  I really want to give it a try, their tag line is ‘Only tested on Supermodels’ so I reckon I will be in good company using it, haha!


White RabbitI recently recieved a White Rabbit Skincare toner in my Vegan Kind Beauty Box and I really like like it.  The maker is Scottish, and having emailed to find out about their cruelty free stance I learned she is really nice too.  The first thing which jumped out at me which she makes is an Olive and Avocado Cell Renewal Serum.  Having looked into lots of DIY skincare both these ingredients sound good for my skin type so just waiting to have some spare cash to give this a go.  Have a look on the website, she has lots of yummy looking skincare. Get it here: White Rabbit Skincare.



FalabellaAnd yes another Stella Macartney bag – I really just love her stuff and always want the most expensive things.  £710 probs dont need to say any more…….



That is it for another month.  I hope it is another reminder that going cruelty free doesnt have to be dull.