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I love all animals, but have a major soft spot for all things primate!  And today is International Orangutan Day!!  So to celebrate, I decide to educate people a bit.  I am by no means an expert but I know a lot of people are utterly oblivious to palm oil, so I wanted to share what I know.  orangutan 4And what better day to try and save the rainforest and the orangutans in it!!


I have long been aware of palm oil and that it was bad but have never actively looked into what the problem was or checked to see what contains it.  Basically it is a cheap oil used in a huge amount of the processed foods we buy.  The big problem – they are causing massive deforestation in the rainforest to grow it.  This is causing a number of species, which are already endangered, to loose their homes and will likely end in their extinction.  Nearly 5,000 orang-utans are killed a year as a result of palm oil.

This is one of the biggest shames of the food industry in our era.  Why do companies think it is acceptable to cause great harm to have slightly cheaper crisps, it’s beyond me!!!  Anyhoo, trying not to make the blog too in depth and preachy but if we could all try our best to shun products with palm oil, or as they have taken to calling it, palm fat (in a bid to confuse consumers no doubt!!!).  So back to the point, I was pretty horrified to learn how many things it is actually in!!  As a general rule I cook almost every meal we eat in my house from scratch however I love junk food like everyone else!!!

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My major downfall is crisps and they are terrible offenders. While I may not have wanted to hear it, my faves Pringles and Jacobs crisps both have palm oil in them.  And then there is Kinder chocolate.  I am not a huge chocolate fan, I can take it or leave it however, when I do want some chocolate my absolute fave is Kinder.

Honestly, I would be here all week listing the big brands who use palm oil, so really I would love you all forever if you could just check the back of what you buy.  If it has palm oil, don’t buy it.  Really you could think of it as a diet/ healthy eating tool!

The one note on this is, there is sustainable palm oil and if it is, this will be listed on the packet.  I also have it on good authority everything from Sainsbury’s which includes palm oil is sustainable, I still need to verify this, but a very reliable friend has done so previously.

I plan on trying to make my own snacks instead of eating these things, which obviously I will share the recipes for on here.

So please think before you buy, save the orangutans!!! orangutan 5