Not sure about everyone else, but my least favourite day of the week is Tuesday.  Yeah Monday is over, but Friday is still so far away!!!  This means my lunch hour is spent looking at things I want to cheer me up a bit, although, maybe it’s ultimately a bad idea as I can never afford anything ha ha!

So below is the list of the cruelty free products I am currently lusting after………

iihamd 1


The Falabella Shaggy Deer Fold Over Clutch:

Falabella Clutch

When I decided to go animal cruelty free the one thing I really knew I would miss was handbags. I love my designer bags!!  I was super excited to find Stella McCartney is cruelty free, all the happy over here!!   And right now I need this bag.  I love black, even better when its a bit rock chic.  The icing on the top of the cake, its even made from recycled bottles, so you can save the planet too!!  So if anyone has a spare £500, I am more than happy to accept this as a pressie…….

Still with Stella……Stella Eau de Toilette:


I have really struggled with finding a cruelty free perfume I like.  I find most I have come across so far really strong and a bit old wifie smelling!!  But this, it smells amazing!!!  True to form with me though (apparently I have expensive tastes) at £70 for 100 mls it is not cheap so for now I just can’t justify buying it 🙁


Bone Shaped Dog Pool:

Slightly off-piste, but as I am a crazy dog lady, I am always after something rediculous for my pups and currently it is a bone shaped dog pool.  Now the problem here is not necisarily money, it more comes in the shape of a husband who has put his foot down and said no.  Apparently they don’t need a built in paddling pool!!!  They clearly do – hoping to have this bad boy by the end of summer…….

Dog pool

Get it for only $299 here






Iron Fist Loved Ones Peep toes:

Loved Ones
Lastly, non-leather shoes.  Apparently they are bloody hard to find, especially if you want something a bit edgy!  But look at these beauties, Iron Fist Loved Ones Peep Toe.  They would be perfect for the summer weddings I have coming up, these may be purchased very soon!!  Get them here!


So there it was, my list of things I really, really need this month.  I do hope my husband is reading this……