I have been wanting to give making my own beauty products a go for a while but have just never got round to it, but last night my niece and I decided to give it a go.  Despite their being a 20 year age difference, we both have the same skin, oily and acne prone.  We did a fair bit of research on ingredients online and decided to make a honey, lemon & oat face mask.  As the name would suggest the mask contains oatmeal, honey, lemon juice and a touch cinnamon.


Oatmeal is fab for oily/acne prone skin.  It soothes, reduces redness and exfoliates without being harsh and so is great for those with sensitive skin too.

Honey is both a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory so again is perfect for acne prone skin.

Lemon juice brightens skin, exfoliates and also has natural antibacterial properties.

Finally cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


When I have more recipes on the blog you will see I am not one for measuring things.  I also don’t really think things through and tend to just rush in.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, our mask was a gloopy mess!!!!  We mixed up all the ingredients to a paste and then put it on, in bed.  Needless to say my bed last night had a fair few bits of oatmeal in it, much to my husbands dismay!  So bearing this in mind, I recommend you only put this on in the bathroom!!!


A rough guide of what we did is below:


Mix 2 tablespoons honey with the same of porridge oats.

Once combined add some lemon juice until it is a slightly runny paste.

Add in a pinch of cinnamon.

Mix it all together and you are done.




Regardless of consistency, messyness and the fact my husband gets annoyed by my nonsense in general, the mask was amazing.  It slightly tingled whilst on my face but I could feel it soothing as well.  We left it on for about 20 mins – whilst holding the dogs back, who incidently love the taste of this mask!!!  After the 20 mins we washed it off with a warm face cloth.  My skin was brand new!  It was the softest it has been in a forever and even now (10am the next morning) still had no excess oil, which for me is an actual miracle.  My nieces teenage skin was definitely less red, and I am sure her spots had cleared up a tiny bit.  Not bad for something which is 100% cruelty and chemical free and it probs cost about 40p a mask!!


Seriously suggest you try this, let me know how you go if you do, very interested to hear your results.