We have a shop in Edinburgh called The Brotique and it sells lots of man stuff, so I took my husband to have a look.  It is a small local shop so they sell small, lesser known brands, most of which are Scottish.  This seems to make finding animal cruelty free goods much easier!  I was delighted that half the products they sell have a nice bunny on the back!  After looking at and smelling a number of different products he came away with Layrite Hair Pomade.  Layrite is actually an American brand but is still cruelty free selling beard oil, pomade and hair cream.


The pomade has a lovely citrusy vanilla smell to it and isn’t too shiny like gel.  It lasts for the whole day and even by the end of the night my husband can use it to spike his hair up like a Mohawk and it stays put – much to all my nephews amusement!!!  My husband gives it a big thumbs up which from him is praise indeed, he is super fussy.  It is a little on the pricey side at around £18 depending where you buy it, but a little goes a long way so well worth it.





He has since tried a number of different brands but always comes back to this one, the Original being his favourite.  Has anyone else given them a try?  What did you think?





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