It had never occurred to me that the meat in my dog food would come from farms where they were mistreated.  I guess now I think about its obvious, but it never had been before!!


The common theme in my family is us being fussy, and naturally this stems to the dogs too!  For me & Paul it is our skin and hair, for the dogs it’s their tummies.  It took us months to find food for them which did not upset them, only to find out, you guessed it, it’s not cruelty free!!!  As a result I was really apprehensive of changing their food but thankfully when my mutts went cruelty free their tummies were not just happy, they were delighted!!




I did my research and found Lily’s Kitchen dog food and the local dog shop which is just along the road stock it.  They do both dry and wet food and it is all fantastic.  They have loads of different flavours, although I am told you should not change the type of food they get on a regular basis.  It is on the expensive side, like the most expensive I have seen, but well worth it to have a clear conscience!  Their personal favourite is the Fishy Fish Pie with Peas, and no wonder look at these ingredients, most humans don’t eat this well!!!




Totally recommend for your fur babies.  I also noticed in the dog shop today they have a range of treats, guess what we will be trying next…….






Buy via : JustDogsShop | Lily’s Kitchen